The Usual Suspects

Dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of our global pop culture, Exhibit A Pictures specializes in long-form documentary films that celebrate and deconstruct the defining popular trends and icons of our time.

Alexandre O. Philippe
Creative Director

Alexandre O. Philippe holds a Masters Degree in Dramatic Writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and is Creative Director of Denver-based Cinema Vertige and Exhibit A Pictures. He has written, directed and produced numerous award-winning films and documentaries, including THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS, and DOC OF THE DEAD. Alexandre is also co-owner and co-creator of Fried Comics (

Robert Muratore

Robert Muratore has worked professionally as a cinematographer for over twenty years, directing and co-producing several projects along the way. Aside from shooting several award-winning shorts(THE SPOT, INSIDE, and CHASSEUR), he has shot and co-produced the feature-length documentaries THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS, and DOC OF THE DEAD for his company Exhibit A Pictures, and recently shot the upcoming features THE FRAME and BEING EVEL. Robert’s alter ego, R. Gonzago Corvo, is the acclaimed fine art photographer behind the darkly carnivalesque world of the CORVO BROTHERS (

Kerry Deignan Roy

Throughout her 25 years of film and video production experience, Kerry Deignan Roy has worked on numerous award-winning independent narrative films and documentaries as producer, director, assistant director, and production manager. DOC OF THE DEAD is her fourth collaboration with Director Alexandre Philippe, after the award-­winning shorts LEFT, INSIDE, and most recently, the pop-culture break-out documentary feature, THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS. In her many years as Production Manager for Denver Center Media, she contributed to a number of award-winning documentaries, including NO BIGGER THAN A MINUTE, STAGESTRUCK, and ANCIENT VOICES. Kerry is also the recipient of a Cine Golden Eagle for her work on the internationally distributed documentary film TANTALUS: BEHIND THE MASK.